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DOUBLE FAULT: When two (2) opposing players commit faults simultaneously, a double fault shall be called and the point replayed.

OPPONENTS COMMITTING FAULTS AT THE SAME TIME: When opposing players commit faults at approximately the same time, the team that committed the fault first shall be penalized.  If the referee cannot decide which team committed the fault first, a double fault will be declared.

PENALTY FOR A FAULT: A fault called on the serving team will result in a side-out and the ball turned over to the receiving team commits a fault, the serving team shall score a point.

DURING PLAY FAULTS: Any of the following committed during play by a player or a team shall count as a fault:
a) The ball is played more than three (3) times consecutively by a team.
b) The ball touches the ceiling on the opponent’s side.
c) The ball hits two (2) or more walls consecutively on the receiving team’s side.
d) The ball hits the back wall on a fly or volley on the receiving team’s side.
e) The ball hits the floor on the court.
f)  The ball is hit twice by the same player consecutively.
g) The net is touched by a player while the ball is in play.
h) A player crosses the center line and touches an opponent.
i)  The ball contacts a player below the waist.
j)  A player illegally handles the ball, such as holding, throwing or pushing.
k) The ball lands outside the court or in the spectator’s gallery.
l)  A personal penalty is called on a player.
m) A game is delayed.
n) A substitution is made illegally.
o) An illegal block is attempted.
p) Players purposely distract the opponents.
q) A time-out exceeds 60 seconds.
r) A player illegally assists a teammate.
s) A player attempts to spike the serve.

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